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In the episode "Spellbound"; in order to receive his DNA results immediately, Greg agrees to go on a date with Wendy and her friend Julie. This challenge is to write exactly what happened during that date.

The date can turn out anyway you want it to. It could be good with Julie and Greg hitting it off and starting a long-term relationship, or it could turn out bad where everything Greg tries to do seems to turn out wrong. Or it could go extremely well and end with Greg, Wendy, and Julie in a threesome. Another CSI that secretly likes Greg or Wendy could become jealous after hearing about the date and cause some problems for them. The possibilities are endless.

The only requirement fro this challenge is that the date between Greg, Wendy, and Julie must happen at least with Greg and one of the girls (Wendy or Julie can back out at the last minute or something).


Categories: Seasons 4-6 Characters: Greg Sanders, Wendy Sims

What if Warrick wasn't shot/killed in the episodes "For Warrick" & "For Gedda". What if Gedda had one of Warrick’s friends/co-workers shot instead as a warning to stop trying to find the mole or next time one of his friends will die.


Would Warrick ignore the warning and try to secretly find the mole anyway? Would he drop it to help keep the rest of his friends’ safe?  How would he interact with the friend who was shot because of him, and who got shot?


This challenge can have any rating. It must feature Warrick Brown as a main character and any other character along with him.

Categories: Seasons 7-9 Characters: Warrick Brown

One of my favorite episodes is "Precious Metal" from season 3. After watching the episode again, I had an idea for a challenge. What if Precious Metal had ended differently? Remember when Greg was standing next to the murderer taunting him and saying, "I think your busted." What if the murderer, Mr. Jones, had a hidden weapon the police missed? Could Greg get hurt? Would a hostage situation ensue? Would Greg get kidnapped? Would Greg somehow manage to get the weapon off him and make his time in the field a success showing Grissom he's capable of more field work? If the confrontation ends badly for Greg with him getting hurt, will it affect his decision to become a CSI in the future? Will Grissom feel guilty for bringing Greg out into the field if he does get hurt?


This Challenge can have any rating. It must have Greg as a main character but can have any other characters too.

Categories: Seasons 1-3 Characters: Greg Sanders

One of the CSI characters (main or minor) is asked to participate in a talent show and told they should perform a little-known talent.

1.       Write the characters reaction to the invitation.

2.       They must accept the invitation, although they can be coerced/blackmailed into it.

3.       Write about the performance at the talent show.

4.       Write about the audiences’ reaction to the performance as well as the reactions of their co-workers.

Categories: None Characters: None