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If you would like to become an affiliate of A Journey Through the Las Vegas Crime Lab please click on the Affiliate request link below. Because there are a few requirements to affiliate with us you must fill out a submission form and an admin will let you know if your request was approved or not. Don't worry the form only asks questions pertaining to your site to determine if it meets our requirements, we do not need to know all your personal information.

Your site does not have to be a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation related site to be an affiliate, however, it does need to meet the following requirements:

1. Affiliates should be a fan site (fandom site) of some type like fan fiction sites, fandom news sites, fandom forums, fandom RPG sites, fandom information sites, etc. We believe that a site that wants to affiliate with us should at least somewhat like our site. For instance, we believe someone looking at our archive and seeing a Star Wars fan fiction affiliate may be more likely to click on that link than if we were affiliated with a local beauty salon site (especially since most visitors wouldn't live in the area the salon is located at).

2. Your site should have an affiliate page, section, or a designated part of your links page for affiliates so that you can add a link back to this archive.

3. You must be the owner, admin, or moderator of the site you are requesting to affiliate with us. If you are not, you could contact the site admin, moderator, or owner and suggest that they affiliate with us, or use our contact us page and suggest we affiliate with the site. You will need to let us know the site URL so we can look at the site prior to contacting the admins.


4. Last, affiliate sites should not contain illegal or pornographic content (unless pornographic content is in the form of adult rated fan fiction without pornographic or nude images).


Those are the only requirements, if you are unsure if your site meets the requirements, you can email us on the contact us page to find out if it will be acceptable or you can just fill out the affiliate request form anyway and we will let you know whether or not it meets our requirements, it couldn’t hurt to try after all.


If your request is rejected the email will let you know why it was rejected and if there is anything you can do to be approved. If your request is approved the email will inform you of what banners or buttons you can use to link back to the archive.


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