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Better off Dead by Peggy Schultz PG-13
After the loss of one of his closest friends, he had stopped caring about his...
As I Watch Over Him by Peggy Schultz G
I left him, but I couldn't let go of him. Instead I watch over him.
I Blame You by Peggy Schultz PG
As he walks into the lab, Nick learns of a news report that scares him.
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I Blame You by Peggy Schultz PG
As he walks into the lab, Nick learns of a news report that scares him.
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More security features have been added to help prevent SPAM after the archive was bombarded with false registrations. All issues have been dealt with and other problems have been fixed like the challenges feature that came with the archive software, however, the purge of the archive account members caused the loss of some legitimate accounts. You can learn more that and about what has been changed in the news section below.

Welcome to A Journey Through The Las Vegas Crime Lab.

This is a fan fiction archive featuring all kinds of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation fan fiction in several different categories. The archive features several classifications to make finding the type of story you want to read easy. The classifications are: Characters, Ratings, Pairings, Slash Pairings, Genre (Horror, Drama, Romance, etc.), Story Type (Drabble, Parody, Vignette, Hurt/Comfort, Song Fic, etc.), Warnings (Graphic Violence, alcohol abuse, strong language, etc.), and Story Tags (Blackmail, unrequited Love, Love Triangle, etc.).

If you would like to suggest a category, sub-category, classification, or something else for the archive please use the contact us page and an admin will review your suggestion and make the necessary changes if we like your suggestion. You can also use the contact us page to ask questions or report problems with the archive.

Site News

Because the archive was bombarded with SPAM accounts recently I was forced to put the archive into maintenance mode and make some changes with the archive security. There is now a new a better SPAM test question on the registration form that must be answered correctly. The registration will not work if it is not answered or answered in-correctly. The archive is now also protected by Bad Behavior

As for the thousands of SPAM accounts, that had registered to the archive, they have al been purged. Unfortunately in doing this all the legitimate accounts were deleted as well. I am adding the accounts that I know were deleted, and emailing the account users. If you had a legitimate account that was deleted and you did not receive email from me, you will have to re-register to the archive.

I was also finally able to fix the challenges that originally would not work on the archive. I had made a different version of the challenges, but since I finally got it to work on the archive, I transfered all the issued challenges to the archive and deleted the other version of the challenges.

I've also added some more story tags and fixed some mistakes I found in the other classifications. If you find any other mistakes that I missed, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as I can.

--Peggy Schultz on April 11, 2018 7:46 PM 0 Comments